How to Instantly Easily Swap Out Decor for the Seasons

Lately I’ve been feeling like my life is me on a carousel with my T-Rex arms, going round and round, leaning waaay out to grab that golden ring that’s just out of reach. Who knows when this darn thing is going to even slow down long enough for me to relax a little and jump off to get my bearings. Maybe never. Ah well. There are things I can count on. Family. Friends. Hulu. Crafting and decorating my home. One thing that would make the latter a bit easier is if there was a super easy way to swap out my decor for the season, especially for the times when that carousel is careening out of control. Well friends, thanks to Chalk Couture I can Instantly and easily swap out decor for the seasons and so can you! Here’s how!

Double Sided Chalk Surfaces!

That’s right. Just chalk, let’s say Halloween on one side and Christmas on the other. When the seasons change, just turn it over and voila! brand new decor in a snap. There are many Chalk Couture surfaces that work this way. Now, I’m not gonna lie, this does require just a little time set aside to actually create the items, but you need to create just a little to stay sane, right? Once you do, you just put them out and turn ’em around as needed. Check out all the surfaces here. I’m going to highlight some here for you.

Vintage Truck Double Sided

So much fun is this one. There’s a Vintage Truck Cut Out and a Vintage Truck Cut Out Accessory Pack you can combine to make a snazzy addition to your decor. With the Vintage Truck transfers you can do any number of combinations. Fall and Winter are easy to accomplish with these elements.

Chalk Couture Vintage Truck Cut Outs

And now that lovely song is stuck in my head…“Over the River and Through the Woods To Grandmother’s House we goooooo…..” (Ear Bug implanted. You’re welcome.)

NEW! 9 x 9 Box Frame

Just launched with the 2021 Autumn/Winter Catalog are these fantastic 9 x 9 Box Frames. This box frame, as with Chalk Couture’s other box frames, is white on one side and stained with a nice neutral color on the other. It’s so easy to create totally new looks on one decor item. And these are wide enough to stand on a table or shelf, if you want.

This is a great example of what you can do. I also have a video series of me creating a bunch of these myself. Take a look below. It’s a 4 part series.

Spinning Bistro Sign

This is a way cool one. There are a few transfer designs you can use with this. I recently made one for halloween. The Witch is In/Out looks just perfect on my desk…so apropos. You can see how I made it in the video below. This one will likely stay on my desk year ’round.

There are a bunch more double sided options available from Chalk Couture to instantly easily swap out decor for the seasons.

That’s it for this post. I’m sure there’s all sorts of ideas swirling around in your brain now. (Don’t read me before bed) Take a look in my store and you’ll see even more inspiring designs to apply to your decor.

Stay safe and Chalk On,


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