How to Make Paper Rosettes and Using Chalk Couture All Hallow’s Eve Mini’s

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics with crafts and decor. Being a former scrapbooker, I’m familiar with all the fun possibilities with paper out there. As a Chalk Couture Designer, I know you can up your paper game with Chalk Couture designs! So follow along as I show and tell my adventure in Paper Rosette making.

So I wanted to go next level with paper rosettes. I wanted not- your-mama’s crafting awesomeness. Here’s how I went past the old tissue paper hanging dollar store rosettes. At some point in my travels, I picked up some vintage looking 12×12 sheets of halloween/fall paper. Unless you have all the fancy tools like a bone folder, scorer etc for paper working I would opt for the thin style scrapbook paper for this purpose. (Paper Studio is my fave). And now, I’ll show you how easy it is to make a paper rosette.

What You Will Need:

  • 12″x12″ thin scrapbook paper in a Halloween or Fall print (I use Paper Studio)
  • sheet of cardboard (scrap from a box)
  • thin wooden dowel
  • Chalk Couture Chalkable Chip (black)
  • Chalk Couture Chalkology paste in a coordinating color
  • Halloween Minis Chalk Transfer
  • small squeegee
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • scissors

It really is simple. Simply cut your paper in strips. I’m going to do 3″ wide strips so they are small enough to fit on a slim dowel. You will need two strips. Then just create a concertina fold, aka z fold, zig zag fold or most familiarly, accordion fold. That means a continuous, even folding of the paper in parallel. When you get to the end and all the paper is folded, glue then together at both ends, making sure to have the design on the outside at both ends so there’s no white backing showing. At this point it should look like a hollow multi-pointed star.

While your glue is hardening, get some cardboard you can use as a backing, use the chalkable chip to trace the right size. Then, take your folded, glued paper and stand it on end. Carefully gather top of the paper into the middle and gently push down until it turns into your rosette. Yay! Almost there.

Now, while still holding the shape, flip it over so you see the back of the paper. Here, you will hot glue the cardboard to the back of your rosette to keep its shape. You have to hold it a bit until the glue hardens. Then just flip it over and check the ends to make sure they’re still together. Boom! There’s your rosette.

Now it’s just a matter of gluing the dowel, chalking the Chalkable chip with a Halloween Minis design and attaching that to the front of the rosette. So easy, right? The hardest part is not burning the ever loving crap out of your fingers. I think it turned out great, don’t you?

I can see so many uses for this craft. You could add it to a tiered tray. You could add it to a Fall flower arrangement. You could use it as a party favor… so many possibilities.

Check out the video below to see how a created this project while miraculously not having to make a run for the local burn center.

Stay safe, burn free and Chalk on!


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