Hurry…The Hot Chocolate Bar is Heating Up!

I am the self proclaimed Queen of the Hot Cocoa Bar. I mean if there was an it girl representing the hot cocoa bar, I would be a gosh darn Kardashian. Seriously. I made a cocoa bar for myself and it features the Hot Cocoa Bar Transfer from Chalk Couture.

Now this transfer includes everything you need to put a bar together… labels, sayings, patterns and more! If you love this as much as I do, then go get yourself this transfer RIGHT NOW in my store. It is in short supply and is about to retire…meaning it will cease to exist. Yikes! Below is my complete Hot Chocolate Bar in all its Cocoa-y glory.

Hot Chocolate Bar in Action

Just look at all the possibilities! Grab yours TODAY! Head to my store and snag one while supplies last!

Go get your Hot Chocolate, stay safe and Chalk on!

Jessica Wilson


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