It’s My Spring/Summer Target Haul Part I!

And here we are, back at Target for Spring and Summer stuff. So far it seems the Year of the Pillow in the Land of Picture Frames. So many possibilities to chalk on. I’ll throw you some highlights here in this post, but you should check out the whole video, which I’ll link to down below. I’ll also introduce you to our new family member, our new puppy Eddie. Here we go on the Spring /Summer Target Haul.

Pillows, and Pillows.

Fun pillows are a thing this spring according to Target. They have several, including this Welcome lumbar pillow.

Here’s another lumbar in pretty springy colors. It also has this white space here on my right that is just begging for some chalking. I’m sure part if not all of a size A or certainly a Mini design would fit there.

Not sure how I feel about this one, (cos, flowers) but it is bright and cheerful, so it may end up on my porch somewhere. Then, there’s this one that I know my Mom will Love; and it’s blank on one side so instant chalking area. I imagine they got this design from Blanche Devereaux’s lanai or even more so her bedroom.

Other Fun Target Haul Items.

Moving on from pillows, here’s a fun basket looking decor item. I imagine one could put a pot inside it, but it is pretty delicate, but it’s cute so there’s that.

Then, there are these neat little accent mirrors that could surely be chalked on. Or not. I LOVE the macrame looking one.

How about a cute planter? This one is nice with a little stand mid century style. I’m not a plant person but this was worth getting just to show you. I’ll make use of it somehow or gift it.

Next, we have a fun box frame with interchangeable sayings. It already comes with an alligator hanger mounted on the back. Sweet! I of course, will chalk something and stick that in there.

Here’s something that pretty cool. It’s an adirondack chair condiment holder! It comes with mustard and ketchup squeeze bottles, but honestly, I can’t wait to see what designs I can chalk on it. Surely there will be a mini or part of a transfer that I can decorate this with. It could be a fun key catch or cell phone station.

How about this cool thing – a bathtub tray! Soak in the tub while you sip a wine or a coffee and there’s plenty of room for other stuff like snacks. There’s some space to chalk something on it too.

Finally, here’s a hanging planter. Again, not a plant person, but I thought I had to show it. It also comes in three different color combos.

That’s it for this post. Go check out the full video

Check back for Part 2 of this haul coming tomorrow!

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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