Join Chalk Couture with ME now! Here’s the best reasons why.

I know it’s hard enough to decide to jump from just a hobby to a business, let alone pick a Leader to join under. Then you have to research leaders to pick someone that’s a good fit. I’ll make it easy. You should join Chalk Couture under me! There are a bunch of reasons why, but the primary reason is: I love what I do and I do it well.

Get it Frau Schweiger!

And that’s not a brag. I live and breathe Chalk Couture. And I’ve been involved in it pretty much since the company started. It is my full time career. When you’re successful, I’m successful. If there is any doubt, I will brag about this: year end 2020 awards just came out and I did very well.

Joining with me and becoming a Crafty Chalker means you’re joining one of the biggest teams in Chalk Couture. That means you’ll get tons of support as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your business a success right from the start from an award winning team and Master Couturier. I make myself available for personal consultation, and have an almost endless supply of reference material, tutorials and videos for you to use free of charge. At Chalk Convention 2020, my team was THE TOP (NUMBER ONE!) in team volume for teams with 750-1250 members! THE BEST!! Below are other award my team and I achieved this year.

Jessica's Chalk Couture Awards Chalk Con 2020

Please feel free to contact me to discuss things further. Check out my business page on Facebook and message me! Not on Facebook? Email me here. Hope to hear from you soon!

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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