Last Chance transfers!

Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow. There comes a time in life when all good things must end. Did I miss any other trite phrase I can use to let you know that Chalk Couture has select transfers that are in short supply and are in a when they’re gone, they’re gone situation? Well, here we are.

Take a look at this list of soon to retire transfers. If you see any of your faves on there, I suggest you snap one up. Will they come back as a vault transfer? Maybe. Is that a guarantee? NOPE. I see a few floral transfers on there in short supply. Here are some of the finished projects from the last chance selections.

And, good news if you’re in Club Couture! This month’s exclusive special offer is 50% off these last chance transfers! Sweet!! What is this Club Couture you speak of? Here you go – find out more here.

Stay Safe and chalk on!


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