My Target Haul for Fall Part 1

It’s time for another Target Haul…yay!! One of my favorite things to do is round up some cool stuff from Bullseye’s playground. Most of the time Dollar Spot stuff is good as is, but if I want to change it up, it’s so easy to do with Chalk Couture.

I’m going to show you some of my favorite things. I will then follow up with my full Haul Video at the end. Let’s get started.


What’s a DPCI Number, Jess?

In my Target Haul videos, you will hear me recite the DPCI numbers from each item. I do this so that if you want to just call the store to see if they are in yet, you can give them the number and then specifically describe the item. The DPCI number is the box (case) number so they can go look for that if it’s sitting in the stock room or not unpacked yet.

Tiered Shelf

This is soooo cool. This will be an alternate tiered tray. I don’t even need to do anything to it, but I know I can fit some 3×3 framed chalk art on this. Love it.

Lil Lazy Susan Tiered Stand

OMGEEEE it spins!!! How cute!! Lots of fun stuff to be done here. I’ll have to see if I can take it apart and use a pattern transfer on the turntables. If not, I can display some small pieces with it. So awesome.

Autumn Double Sided Swinging Easel

This will likely stay as it is. Such a neat little decoration. I just love the leather looking hinges and it opens like an easel. I could probably even add something inside that triangle.

Wooden Houses Set

These are really nice and so is the price. I can see leaving them as is and just embellishing them with some greenery. I could also paint over and chalk something on them.

Tiered Tray Kit

It’s about time this is a thing. Here’s a tiered tray in a box. Or a vignette even. There are 3 different ones, all fall decor. These are a go as they are. I think I can do a bigger tray and use them as filler.

Wood Items

Love love love these wood risers. The rectangular one has longer legs than the circular one so they can be set up near each other at different heights. So fun. and then there’s this cutting boards for all you Shark Cooter (charcuterie…LOL) Board people. I think these can stand as they are or I might see if I can go over them with a pattern transfer. And I have a few kitchen sayings I can chalk on the cutting board.

Them’s the highlights from my Target Haul Part 1, I should be getting some stuff in the mail soon to show you some more. Until then check out the video below to see the complete Target Haul.

Stay safe and Chalk On


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