Patriotic Week Part IV – Farmhouse Stuffed Items and Wall Hanging

On now to Part IV of my Patriotic Decor Week. (Part III is here) This time I will show you some quick no-sew stuffies and a Wall Hanging made with an embroidery hoop. Some cute little farmhouse style pillows to put on your tiered trays.

Stuffed Star Decorations

Stuffed little pillow designs are all the rage the past year or so and they’re so easy to make. Not sure what the technical term is for them; I call them stuffies. I just trace the shapes I need, cut 2 of each, glue the sides together three quarters, but leave a hole to jam the stuffing in. Then, seal up the hole and Voila -cute stuffed stars for your tiered trays or vignettes.

Patriotic Wall Hanging

Here’s another quick and easy one – an Embroidery Hoop turned into a fun wall hanging. It’s similar to the pillows, but its a bigger design and is stretched onto an embroidery hoop and trimmed. So fun and easy.

Go to my store to get all the Chalk Couture items you need for these projects and check out the video below to see how I made them.

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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