Bye Bye Squirrel. The aftermath and North Pole and Back transfer.

So I’m all for nature. As long as it stays where it belongs: not in my house. In case you missed it, a squirrel got in my house. Oh yea, a wild animal roaming around freely in my house. It ran amok sounding like a human being walking around. Who needs bull in china shop when you had Squirrel in Rae Dunn collection. ?

Any-who, somewhat happy ending is it’s gone. We had an Orkin Man, three guys and me trying to find the squirrel. Mr Orkin was looking with a flashlight through my cluttered living room and, “Aha, I found him” saw his little bushy tail sticking out from behind a frame. This sent me running for cover like an Olympic track star running a record time in the hurdles. And since gravity is not my friend, trying to launch my fluffy heinie onto my kitchen counter was barely successful (I may or may not have peed a little) In the meantime, long story short, the little terror thankfully ran out the open front door. Thank. You. Jesus. Needless to say I have a contract with Orkin cos I can do without more Wild America in my Living Room.

While I’m getting over my squirrel misadventure, I’d like to show you a neat project I did with the North Pole and Back transfer on chalkboard frame.

I love it. Shimmer colors are awesome.

I just love the Shimmer colors. I also used bright white, candy apple and meadow. Also used the fuzzing cloth, small squeegee and stir sticks.

Check out the video below to see how I created this cute seasonal design.

And please, no more misadventures with wild animals. Thanks.


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