This House Was Clean…But Was It Ever?

I must say, sometimes I feel like I’m an inadequate momwife. I mean, how did my mom keep our house clean, take care of my family and hold down a job all on her own? I’ve learned to live with chaos, but I don’t prefer it. Luckily I’m at a point where I can hire someone to do that cleaning thing I hate so I and my guys don’t live in perpectual filth.

But really, is the house ever clean? The kitchen in particular. It’s in constant use. People are always in it, making messes one might call meals. It’s like that hysterical Geico commercial with Tag Team singing “SCOOP, there it is!” Plus the cringy part at the end when one throws the evil twin of glitter, SPRINKLES!!! everywhere. I still chuckle frown every time I see it.

This whole commercial is a riot, but this particular part makes my skin crawl. That poor woman will be finding sprinkles in every crevice of that kitchen for years to come.

Anywho, those fine folks at Chalk Couture came up with the perfect sentiment to represent the fact that the house will always be lived in and never orderly. (Even if we lie about it ever being clean in the first place). It’s the This House Was Clean chalk transfer. They also came out with a new surface – a decorative cutting board – that fits this transfer perfectly and will be going right in my kitchen. I think it turned out great, don’t you?

Check out the video below to see how I made this project.

As I currently try out a new cleaning lady…

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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