Thursday TwoFer: Pumpkin Reverse Canvas and Treat Bags!

So today we have a Thursday Twofer! My friend Cheryl and I both chalked different projects at the same time. I had loads of fun and our back and forth will certainly be entertaining. One thing I learned? Clean my chalk paste jars before I have someone over to chalk. ? Poor Cheryl. She felt the need to clean my crusty crab jars before using them. At least she got her upper arm toning exercises done.

Cheryl’s throwing shade while cleaning my stuff

Also, always always always make sure your staple gun is properly loaded so you don’t have to attempt to load it while live only to try and jam the wrong size and then have to ask a MAN for help. ?

Yep, time for a reverse facepalm.

Cheryl’s project involved chalking some cute treat bags with the All Hallows Eve Minis. Sooooo cute and so many uses. They would be great to fill up and give out to the special trick or treaters like cousins, grandkids, etc.

My project was a burlap Pumpkin reverse canvas with a Buffalo Plaid background. If you’re not familiar with the Reverse Canvas method in a nutshell, you take the canvas off the stretcher bars, paint the stretchers to make a nice looking frame, flip the canvas over and use the rough side to chalk on. Then, staple it back onto the back of the stretcher. I was a little over enthusiastic in my project, but it turned out great.

I had such fun with Cheryl. This is the video to watch for loads of laugh, new techniques and accessory maintenance. It is a facepalmfest to say the least. Perhaps it’s not the best idea partaking in an adult beverage while chalking…or is it?

Smell It. Smell it!!!

So you MUST check out the video below, you won’t regret it. I promise.

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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