Tip and Trick Tuesday: Quarantine Scavenger Hunt

Hi Friends, so we’re on week 2 of quarantine. Feeling a little punchy yet? I’m getting there. Coffee is a dear, dear friend, now more than ever.

During this time, it’s even more challenging to keep kids engaged. The school work is not taking near as long as one would hope, so there’s a good amount of down time. All over the world, folks have been coming up with ways to put the boredom at bay, like neighbors singing together from their balconies in Italy, to the yogis in the cul de sac doing yoga together in their driveways.

Italians sing from their balconies. (Twitter/NicholsUprising/leonardocarella)

Here, in Audubon, the elementary school played the same song from their porches at noon on Saturday. Some people also organized a quarantine scavenger hunt to entertain the kids while they take family walks around town. To participate, you just put something on a window. This sounds like a job for Chalk Couture paste and transfers and here’s why.

Chalk Paste is Washable.

Yep, just wash it off the glass with water. Easy Peasy. Spray it with distilled water using our Fine Mist Sprayer and wipe with a paper towel. If it is a little ornery coming off, use the Paste Scraper to help it off with a little more power. The Board Eraser is pretty good at absorbing paste off of surfaces too.

Chalk Paste goes on easily when working vertically.

Chalk Paste is just thick enough, and you don’t need much, that you can chalk on a vertical fairly easily. Even more so because the transfers are semi adhesive, so they cling to the surface. Just squeegee the paste on and you’re golden.

Chalk transfers make it neat and beautiful.

There won’t be any streaky, wonky, looks like a child did it art on your windows. Nope. Not with our Chalk transfers and chalk paste. You get a beautiful, professional finish to your art. Clean, crisp lines, no streaks or brush marks. Great for seeing your art from the street for a quarantine scavenger hunt.

I decided on Hearts for my windows. Hearts are universal. Hearts are love. Hearts make you smile. And now is a good time for all that.

quarantine scavenger hunt hearts on window


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