Tip & Trick Tuesday: A Chalking Technique You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Tip & Trick Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I will try and make you aware of a useful tip or trick you might not know about to help you make the best of your Chalk Couture products. It might be about an accessory, or chalk or surface… whatever gem of wisdom and experience my little heart desires to impart to you.

This week I will show you one of the coolest techniques you can use: Marbling! It’s also known as the “Hot Mess” method. (Hey! That’s my name!) It’s a great technique to create more interest than just plain color. And you’ll soon see where the Hot Mess comes in.

So here’s how you marble your project. You can marble just about any part of your design, but the bigger the open area the more impressive the marbling will be.

First the prep. Pick the colors you want, open them up and put a stir stick in each one. Mix them as you normally would but a separate stick for each so you don’t mix up your jars. That would make Baby Jesus cry.

As an example, I’m using the Absolutely Fabulous transfer, cos what’s more fabulous than a multi-colored peacock? (umm, nothing.) So here you can see my work area all prepped.

Chalk Couture Absolutely Fabulous

Now you just start with one color and drop color randomly on you transfer in the area you wish to add color.

Chalk Couture Absolutely Fabulous

Continue with each color using the separate stir sticks for each. Make sure you don’t have a brain fart and put the wrong stick in the wrong color. That would also make Baby Jesus cry, as well as ruin your paste jar.

Chalk Couture Absolutely Fabulous

Next you will take a squeegee and run it over the transfer as you normally would, but with a swirling motion as you drag. That’s what’s making the marbled look. ( ♫ Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now, c’mon baby, do the swirling motion ♫ )

Chalk Couture Absolutely Fabulous
Chalk Couture Absolutely Fabulous

As you’re swirling, remove the excess paste onto a paper towel or rag, cos there’s no saving hot mess excess. Then, peel back the transfer and take a gander at your marbly masterpiece.

Chalk Couture Absolutely Fabulous

Isn’t it the coolest?

Check out the video below for a detailed view of this technique.

See you next week with more Tips and Tricks and Happy Chalking!


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