Tip & Trick Tuesday Chalk Couture Board Eraser

Tip & Trick Tuesday

And now for another Tip & Trick Tuesday. Today’s topic: the Board Eraser.

Oh, the Board Eraser. Kinda looks like a Stridex pad on Steroids, right? (actual size: 3½” x ¾”.) It has a little texture to scrub but not too much. Chalk Couture made this tool the perfect size to hold in your hand and get the job done. What jobs can the Board Eraser do, exactly? Glad you asked!

5 Clean Your Self Healing Mat. Is your mat all messy with stray paste marks? No Problem. A damp Board Eraser takes that right up with a wipe and a smile (if it could smile).

4 Clean Smudges on walls. Little kids in the house? Big clumsy people who scrape your walls? Fingerprints, scuff marks and hand marks, oh my! You can eliminate them all with a damp board eraser. Just don’t rub super hard or it will lift color with the dirt.

3 Clean your squeegee after use. So you’ve created your little heart out and now you have that skungee squeegee to deal with. With the board eraser, you can just rub away that dried paste like a wipe takes boogers off a 3 year olds face.

2 Clean your chalk transfer before using a Clorox wipe. So you’re done playing for the day and you’re looking at this transfer thinking, Napalm will not even clean this thing. Never fear: Give your transfer a nice wipe with a Board Eraser before using a Clorox wipe on it. It will mop up the paste like Italian bread mops up gravy. This makes it super easy to finish up cleaning with a Clorox wipe before putting your transfer away.

1 Clean with the Board Eraser to magically remove lingering Chalkology™ Paste or “ghosting” on surfaces. We’ve all had this happen. You get tired of your design and you want to switch it up. You try to clean the design off to create a new piece and try as you may you cannot completely remove the old design. You can still see it, it’s ghosted. Like a really good lipstick, you just can’t get it all off. Enter the Board Eraser! Just dampen your eraser, then wipe away your ghosty image and, bam! a clean surface on which to chalk a fun new design.

See you next week for another Tip & Trick Tuesday!


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