Tip & Trick Tuesday-The Secret Life of Paste.

Tip & Trick Tuesday

Hi friends. Tip and Trick Tuesday is back! Sorry about last week, but things were crazy, cos Welcome Nova Scotians, new Club Couture and November Promo all in one week! ?Woo!! Every Tuesday, I will try and make you aware of a useful tip or trick you might not know about to help you make the best of your Chalk Couture products. It might be about an accessory, or chalk or surface… whatever gem of wisdom and experience my little heart desires to impart to you.

This Tuesday, I want to tell you a little secret about paste. Ready? You can PAINT with it! That’s right, your paste can be thinned slightly with a little water and painted on certain surfaces. Truthfully, I’ve only tried this technique on unfinished wood. I’m pretty sure it would have to be a somewhat porous surface to get a good result. I think it goes on like stain and if you did a couple layers it would look more like traditional paint. And it goes a long way. You can stretch that stuff out like Stretch Armstrong.

Stretch it Steve!

Let me show you how I did it.

First, you need a container in which you will mix the paste and water. I used an old, empty paste container. I put in just a wee little blob of paste and not too much water to make it the consistency of milk.

Just a Dab’ll do ya.
Here it is with water added.

Then, I used a foam brush to lay it on and not have brush marks. It goes on like stain so you can leave it that way or go in layers to get the desired effect. Another little nice thing to do is gently sand the edges and distress it a little.

Paint Paste goes on thin. Love it or layer it to get what you want.
Don’t stress…distress!

And there you go. There’s more to Chalk paste than meets the eye.

Check out the video below to see how I created this project.

You may get your hands on these colors and accessories in my store.

Happy chalking! See you next week.


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