Tip Tuesday How Quick Does A Chalk Couture Project Go?

So if you’ve never seen any of my live project demos, you may not know this, but let me say, Chalk Couture makes it so quick and easy to create your own home decor.

We all have time crunch issues, but Chalk Couture has the solution with easy to use products. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Creating quick home decor with Chalk Couture products is:

Faster than boiling water.

Wanna make some pasta? You gotta boil water. In the time it takes to get that pot boiling, you can churn out a beautiful farmhouse sign for your kitchen. It’s that quick and easy. (And it won’t burn you if you spill it – bonus!)

Faster than warming up your car.

Unless you’re one of those people that does the start and stomp with your car in the morning (meanie!) then in the time it takes to warm up that car, you could create a fun, toasty new sign for your Hot Cocoa Bar. Or more, depending on where you live. Now this may not apply if you’re one of those poor folks that live in the Great White North and need jumper engines or an under hood heater to start your cars in the winter. (Brrr and yikes)

Faster than listening to a song on the radio

In the time it takes to listen to a top 10 hit on the radio, you can make something great with Chalk Couture products. Now, if you choose to listen to something like the full length In A Gadda Da Vida, then, well, you could probably outfit most of your home in quick home decor Chalk projects. (Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but seriously who listens to the full length version anyway)

Faster than driving to the store and getting someone a gift.

Even with self checkout and electronic payment, it would be faster to create said gift with Chalk Couture products. Who even wants to shop in public right now, with the Rona still around and flu season and other social weirdness going on right now. I’m waiting for the zombies to make their appearance, join with the aliens tag team us into oblivion. And as a bonus, the gift is made by you!

Faster than wrapping said gift.

So you have your gift, now to wrap it. Paper. Tape. Scissors. Ugh. Just make some projects and hand them out. It’s a much better use of your time, quicker and more fun. Besides, less paper is always more environmentally conscious. (And who wants to store all that crap)

Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to work with Chalk Couture products to make quick home decor.

Ready to get you hands on some chalky goodness? Check out my store here.

Stay Safe and Chalk On


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