Tip Tuesday: Placement Tape and Detail Tool and Why You Need Them.

So right now, I’m in Summer mode. I just discovered this playlist on Amazon Music. It’s called Summer Oldies. It’s been great background music. Who doesn’t like Theme From a Summer Place? ( the screaming violins song I call it )
Here’s the playlist on Amazon Music if you want to try it out. As I’m writing and bopping along to this playlist, I want to tell you about a couple of fabulous tools for your chalking arsenal that you may not have and that’s Chalk Couture Placement Tape and Detail Tool.

What is Chalk Couture Placement Tape?

Chalk Couture placement tape is Ideal for aligning and spacing Chalk Transfer™ elements onto surfaces, or for masking off areas before adding paste or ink. It can also help create barriers for work areas when working different colors into tiny or tight spaces in detailed Transfers. It comes as a roll of paper tape, ⅝” wide with ¼” measurements marked. 5 yards. Placement tape is repositionable too! Check out some really good placement tape tips in this post on this that I did a while back.

Chalk Couture Placement Tape

Chalk Couture Placement Tape as a Mask

I wanted to use elements of a couple transfers to create one project. That’s easy enough, but some of the elements I want are really close to each other and being Messy Jessie like I am, I know I would not be careful enough to not chalk the unwanted parts and ruin my project. So what’s a girl to do? Just break out the placement tape and mask off around the designs you want to chalk and cover up the stuff you don’t want to chalk.

Detail Tool: The Clean Up Genius

There’s another tool I just love and that’s the Chalk Couture Detail Tool. Get as detailed as you want with this little guy. Use the silicone end for detailed paste application and the hard, sharp end for picking up transfers in tight corners, or for removing tiny paste errors from your work. Measures approximately 6” x ½”. The silicone end of the Detail Tool is roughly half the size of the Multi-Tool’s end. ( And for this time of year, being Corn on the Cob season a great tooth pick ? )

Chalk Couture Detail Tool

For this project, I had a little bleed on letters on part of my design. No worries! Just get in there with that sharp end and lightly scratch the mistake right out of your life. This tool is made of a silicone rubber, so it does the job without damaging your surface. The other end is great for really small parts of a design that you want to chalk that are too small for a squeegee or the Multi Tool.

Check out the video below to see how I made these two fun summer projects. All the items needed to make these projects can be found here.

Hope your summer is a great one. Get out there and make good memories with family and friends.

Stay safe and Chalk on


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