Tip Tuesday – Unify Your Home Decor With a Chalk Couture Collection!

We all have a favorite “things that go together”. Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Beer and pretzels, wine and cheese, and my personal favorite – hot tub and fire pit. Similarly, home decor brings about a certain ambiance when it appears unified. We get that ahh feeling when we look around and say to ourselves “yep, this is home”. Like sitting on a chaise on a warm summer day with a slight breeze and a tasty beverage with an umbrella in it. Little things. Big things. Subtle things; all together making it feel perfect. And that is the embodiment of a Chalk Couture Collection. The Farm Charm Collection.

Chalk Couture Collections bring out the home in your house.

The fine folks at Chalk Couture have the perfect way to bring out the home in your house – A Collection. These collections include several designs that will create unity across your home decor. It’s not matchy matchy like Garanimals. It’s complementary designs that will create continuity in your home decor, like the Farm Charm Collection.

Add Farm Charm to your Home easily.

Contemporary farmhouse is such a thing and I love it! And it’s so easy to achieve with this collection. There are four transfers in the collection and that, coupled with coordinated paste colors, will result in a great grouping as seen above. Patterns, sayings and graphics come together for a great cohesive look. I have a series of videos on this collection you can check out below. Then, just click on this to add them right to your shopping cart! Farm Charm Collection

I hope you have fun creating a unified look for your home with the Farm Charm Collection designs from Chalk Couture.

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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