Watts of Love Wednesday sheds some light on a dark situation

So can you imagine, it’s the middle of the night and you have to pee, but you can’t turn on a light, cos well, you don’t have one? I know I can’t. And, all joking aside, there are people in the world that deal with this everyday. They have no light once the sun goes down. That’s why I love helping Chalk Couture support their favorite cause, Watts of Love.

Watts of Love is an organization dedicated to bringing lightβ€”literallyβ€”to the parts of the world that need it most. It’s hard to believe that there are people in the world that live in darkness in this day and age.
( #LightChangesEverything )

I support this group and you can too.

In these times, it’s hard to ask for help when I know so many people are struggling, but there are really easy ways for you to bring light to those who don’t have it when they need it.

Buy the Watts of Love Transfer.
It’s such a great design to add to your decor, and $2 of every sale of this transfer goes to Watts of Love. Win-win for everyone! HINT: This design fits very well on a door tag.

Round up your order. When you order from my store, you will see an option to “round up” your order as a donation to Watts of Love. When you go to complete your purchase, you will see an option to round up to the nearest dollar. Just check off the little box and you’ll help bring light to a dark world.

Do a flat donation. Follow this link to a page where you may choose a flat donation.

Check out the video below to see my demo of this year’s Watts of Love Transfer.

Please help bring light to someone who needs it. Stay Safe and chalk on.


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