What to do When Bored At Home? Make Beautiful Things.

While we are slowly coming out of pandemic, we still should be cautious. Some people still are wary and I don’t blame them. I still wear a mask a lot out in public. If you still feel the need to stay home, I’m sure there are many times you are bored to death. And as summer approaches here in Jersey especially, the weather is going to become hot and sticky, so you’re either down the shore, in a pool or holed up in some air conditioning. Books and Netflix only go so far. What’s a person to do to pass the time? I know some things to do when bored at home. Make beautiful things with Chalk Couture.

Chalk Couture is easy high end DIY home décor

If you’re looking around your home and you want to add your own touch but don’t feel your skills are up to par, think again. You just need the right tools for the job and Chalk Couture has it all. Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to make something great for your home.

So simple, right? Why sit around staring at the TV when you can transform your home with this ridiculously easy and beautiful craft.

Chalk Couture is the One Stop Hobby Shop

You don’t really want to go out to a big box store just yet. Plus, if you’re already bored, you probably don’t want to sit and stare at the computer screen looking for things to buy to pass the time. I have that covered too, cos Chalk Couture is your one stop hobby shop. You can go to my online store and get everything you need to create any number of projects, quick and easy. Pick out your paste colors, your design, your surface and any tools you need to do the job (I suggest a squeegee at least) Or, if you really don’t have the energy to think about it, there are ready made kits you can buy with everything you need to make easy diy projects for home. Here are some examples of the kits.

Here’s me making the Country Kitchen design. So fun and easy.

I hope this gives you an idea of things to do when bored at home. I just love filling my home with beautiful things I made. It’s a great feeling of pride that I created the gorgeous things displayed in my home. And I love soaking up all the great compliments I get too. Go over to my store and take a look at all the great stuff Chalk Couture has to make easy diy projects for your home.

Stay Safe and Chalk on!


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