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So here we are post post COVID. Thank goodness, right? I can only hope that we never again in my lifetime have to deal with something like that again -EVAR. I mean, who had doomsday scenario on their Bingo Card of Life? I know I didn’t. The next time I hear quarantine, it had better be the name of a cocktail. The good thing is I was lucky enough to be involved in a home based business that actually was sorta doable at that time. If nothing else, it kept me busy instead of clawing my way up and out the walls; I just chalked ALL. THE. THINGS. (You can see some of the things I did here and here .)

The thing is, I made it my life’s work. And you can too. I never thought I could make a go of a craft based business; but here I am, pretty much killing it and enjoying it at the same time. It’s a lot of work, but to me, the independence of it is totally worth it (not to mention the income and perks that come with it)

Through incentives, I’ve gone all over the country and even the world! Here are some pics of my trip to Paris and Germany

So Jess, how do I join? Glad you asked. Kick off your Designership with a unique Perks Pack, including our exclusive Tote-ally Cute Bundle and so much more at an incredible value! Your purchase of the Creative Kickstart Perks Pack also unlocks access to 40% off retail pricing, membership in our amazing community of creators, and the opportunity to share and sell Chalk Couture products.

Amazing products and an amazing opportunity for an amazing you! The Creative Kickstart Perks Pack—June 2023 includes the following:

One-time activation

Chalk Transfer® Designs
• Monthly Club Couture™ Transfer
• Good Vibes on The Tides
• Lake Time Beach Vibes Minis
• Etched Sunflower
• Creative Kickstart—You Might As Well Shine
• House Cutout Trio Patterns

• Pallet Sign (9″ x 12″)
• Creative Kickstart Tote
• House Cutouts (3-Pack, 4¼”, 4½”, and 7¼”)
• Drop-In Box Frame (White, 5½” x 7½”)
• Chalkable Chips (White, 12-Pack, 3″, Round)

Chalkology® Paste
• Black Velvet Chalkology® Paste (3 US fl. oz. jar)
• Bright White Chalkology® Paste (3 US fl. oz. jar)
• Everyday Home Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack (6-Pack)
• Vintage Vibes Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack (6-Pack)

Chalkology® Ink
• Black Velvet Chalkology® Ink Single
• Shimmer Gold Chalkology® Ink Single

Tools & Accessories
• Color Trays (24-Pack)
• Small Squeegee
• Fuzzing Cloth (12″ x 18″)
• Duo Tone Apron
• Ink Mat (11″ x 23″)

Perks Pack contents are subject to change based on new product releases and availability. The Creative Kickstart Perks Pack—June 2023 retail value is approximately $310 USD/$404 CAD.

You’ll be a part of my team, the Crafty Chalkers! Some quick deets can be found here. As you’ll see, you couldn’t be in better hands and you’ll get tons of support as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your business a success right from the start from me – an award winning team and Master Couturier.

Join me today! Click here to get started.

Jessica Wilson


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