August Chalk Couture Try Me Kit Shows Us How

So it’s one of those things. You want to do something fun. Something you can make yourself to accent your home decor; a little DIY if you will. Of course, with the price of everyday essentials eating into the budget more and more these days, its hard to drop a […]

Get a Try Me Kit for Ridiculously Easy DIY Home Decor

Sometimes, I don’t want to bend my brain conceiving a creative new project. I’m sure you have felt the same at some point. It would be so nice to just have a ridiculously easy way to whip out a fun new project that’s both easy to make and a beautiful […]

Try and Love: Chalk Couture Try Me Kits

So you probably know, I am a Chalk Couture fangirl. It’s not just a hobby, but my career. ( and that’s another story. ) I remember jumping right in and creating, but some folks aren’t that confident I know. Ya kinda feel like Little Mikey’s brothers with the Life cereal. […]


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