Another Service at the Church of Bullseye and Calm and Bright Transfer

Here it is. My last Christmas service at the Church of Bullseye. It was a moving service, full of fun and inspiration. Can I get an Amen?

Some of the highlights…

Target Haul Christmas Banners

Super cute banners! There are several kinds and can be embellished or left as is.

Target Haul Plaid Sacks

Sweet little plaid sacks that I will use as gift bags after they are sufficiently chalked.

Target Haul Drink Mat

Nice cheap bar mat that I will put at the coffee bar to catch my mixing mess. Something useful!

Target Haul Elf Tree Topper

Elf Tree Topper. Which will be better used in a chalk project I have in mind.

Target Haul Coal Bag

And finally a Lump of Coal Gift Bag. Perfect for that Naughty person on your gift list.

Also in this haul was evergreen sprigs that I added to my Calm and Bright transfer I created on the 5×7 box frame. I used Shimmer Gold Chalk Paste. I also used the Stir Sticks and a Mini Squeegee.

Calm and Bright Transfer

Check out the videos below to see my stop in at the Church of Bullseye and making the Calm and Bright project.

Chalk Couture Merry and Bright Transfer on Pillow Cover.

It’s a common expression this time of year. Merry and Bright. It brings to mind decorated Christmas trees, fun holiday decorations and this guy.

Clark Griswold. THE symbol of a Merry and Bright Christmas. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then climb out from under your comfy rock, go to your favorite streaming service and rent this one. It’s a classic.
Watch it.

So back to the chalking. This is the Merry and Bright at Home Transfer on the Chalk Couture Square Canvas Pillow covers. It’s not in tradition holiday colors, but more pastel versions of those. I used Mauvelous, Eucalyptus, Pesto, Ocean Mist, and Storm Couture Inks. I also used the Self Healing Mat, 17×17 Ink Mat, and Mini Squeegees.

Here’s the finished product. Pretty sweet, I think.

Check out the video below to see how I made this project.

Porch Sign Series Episode 1: Let It Snowman Transfer

Hey friends! Right now the Porch Sign is a decor must. All the cool kids are doing it and so can we. Here’s a fun winter transfer to make now so you’re prepared to kick off your winter in style.

If you’ve just crawled out from under a rock and don’t know what a porch sign is, you can take a look here. Basically it’s boards about 4 feet tall and decorated that fit nicely on a porch or in an entryway. Now we can prepare for the inevitable winter decorating with a snowman design!

Gotta love a cute snowman to make you smile. Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the movie Frozen. I always thought Olaf was the cutest most endearing character. So sweet and innocent and a fiercely loyal friend.

Olaf, the SNOWman, had a weird obsession with Summer.

Chalk Couture has come up with their own cute snowman with the Let It Snowman transfer and it fits perfectly onto a porch sign. Like this:

I have a piece of wood that measure 1 foot by 4 foot (it was a 1 foot by 8 foot and I cut it in half-well, Home Depot cut it in half, lol). The backside of this project is my Autumn Sign! I used Cadet, Couture Teal, Papaya, and Bright White Chalk Paste. I also used the Transfer Trimmers, Self Healing Mat, Fuzzing Towel, Stir Sticks, and a Small Squeegee.

Check out the video below to see how I created this sweet Porch Sign

Snow Place Like Home Chalk Transfer on Pallet Board

I’m looking ahead to Winter, ugh, and I’m thinking I need to make a pleasant project that makes me smile before we’re any where near being blanketed by that white nonsense that will fall from the sky and send everyone running for more milk, eggs and bread than any French Toast lover can handle.

So here is my solution to that challenge: the Chalk Couture Snow Place Like Home Chalk Transfer. It’s so cute and heartwarming, I had to do it.

The surface is the oh so versatile Pallet Frame board. I used Black Velvet, Orange Peel, and Candy Apple Chalk Pastes. I also used the Fuzzing Towel, Fine Mist Sprayer, Stir Sticks, Small Squeegee, and Mini Squeegee.

Check out the video below to see how I created this super cute project.