Top 10 Chalk Couture Accessories You Need in Your Chalk Arsenal

Stir Sticks (24 pack)

Stir Stick

An affordable, disposable option for chalking on the go. Start every project by giving your paste a quick stir, or scoop some out of your jar into a Color Tray (item T201106) for smaller projects. Measures approximately ½” x 3¼”.

So you’re thinking: “Jess, I’m just going to use a toothpick or popsicle stick” Well the thing is, just as the paste is subject to mold, so is it when it comes to wood. It can absorb any yuckiness the wood might have in it and then, BAM, mold in the paste. The paste below is showing how you can revive dried up paste jars. You can see how easy it is to scoop it out from under the rim. Don’t worry. Chalkology paste does NOT normally look like that. Nope. It’s creamy dreamy!

These sticks are the perfect size to mix up paste/ink. It fits perfectly in the jars and bends a little so you can scoop the paste out from under the rim of the jar. And besides, they’re cute in their Couture Tealness.


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