Vault Transfer Bee Humble and Kind

Hi friends! I have another Vault transfer I want to show you. ( Last time I showed you the Sugar cookies vault release)

Bees are the coolest design element aren’t they? It reminds me of that funky video of No Rain from Blind Melon. Love me some Bee Girl. You do you sista!

The cutest little bee girl ever!

The Bee Humble and Kind transfer is out of the vault, so you can snap it up while supplies last. (I’d get one sooner than later. No telling how long the vault will be open)

Bee Humble and Kind is a cut apart full of great design elements for you to use on a variety of projects. I used parts of it on a nice little sign I picked up at Walmart. Isn’t it cute?

Some of the colors I used back when I created this are no longer available, but I have you covered cos here are my suggested substitutions. Instead of Canary use Daffodil; for Lemon use Bumblebee; for Elephant use Shimmer Silver; and for Magenta use Currant Jam. You are welcomed to use whatever colors you wish; these were my preference.

Check out the video to see how I created this cute little sign.


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